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Max Payne 1 is an action game that makes you wonder. You are a hero who are free to bring a gun and shoot the bastards. The game begins in 1998, in New Jersey, where Max Payne is coming home from work with his wife and daughter. Going up to the second floor, he hears the cries for help of his wife and daughter crying. Max hastily sent to Michelle and discovers his family killed by drug addicts. Then Max went to work for his friend to work in the anti-drug department. Three years later, in 2001, his friend PP I appointed him and Alex met at the station “Roscoe Street.” The game takes place in New York, all levels were based on the existing sites in the dirty cloacae New York and textures in the game – photorealistic, which gives a unique atmosphere.

Max Payne – third person shooter, so the gameplay is much different from other shooters. The game features 15 types of weapons, the ability to slow down time and ability to do rolls, which give Max a temporary invulnerability. Each weapon in the game has as advantages and disadvantages, so you have to choose, for example, stopping power or damage. During the transition between the levels the player demonstrates comics, telling about what Max is doing in the gap between the levels. Opponents are quite logical: know how to throw grenades, Molotov cocktail, look for Max, if he managed to escape. Max can interact with objects: open the door with an electronic lock, interact with the computer, as well as use different objects for their own purposes (eg, detonators – for blast doors, pin – to open the door). You don’t need to use a high-class computer, because this game is very light. So, Download Max Payne 2001 for PC Full version Now…



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