Heavy Fire Shattered Spear FPS Game Free Download

Heavy Fire Shattered Spear

Download War Games Heavy Fire Shattered Spear – New American President Donald trump has published his hatred of Muslims by banning the 7 Moslem-majority countries. America and her allies have destroyed Afghanistan illustrated in this game. You will be directed to a variety of sophisticated weapons to kill the Taliban (terrorists) and you have the right target, if not you will die.

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This is an amazing game. Here, every bullet – fatal, there are clever enemies as they play a hardened gamer, there are tanks and mines explode all the laws of physics, and the effects of weather and the physical condition of the hero at every movement and every shot will have an effect. Here wide open levels, which can be taken in many different ways – there are no restrictions, everything is up to you. The same level can be dozens of times and each time it will be new, unique battle. Played this game you will feel at war with the enemy on the battlefield, the smell of blood is everywhere.

Shattered Spear was published in January 2013 by Teyon, but has its predecessor – Heavy Fire: Afghanistan. Both games are different, in Shattered Spear, you can’t control your hero. players don’t solve over where to run and where to hide, the computer itself is your character, leaving only the weapons under the control of a mouse.

It looks like a soldier walked up to meet with the enemy. Then it’s up to the players – shoot them all and clear the road. And the twist-turn only weapon, choose a destination. When the road will be free, it’s another to watch the movement of players. Button “WASD” on the keyboard is still needed. When the hero stops in front of the enemy, there is usually an opportunity to hide behind something, so take advantage as best as possible.

Minimum Requirement:
Windows 7/8/10
2,4 Ghz CPU
1024MB Ram
256MB bit VGA
2,5 GB Free Space Harddisk
Speaker and other

Size: 1,3 Gigabyte


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