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GTA (GTA San Andreas) is the most popular game and “legendary” in the world. If you maniac games, would certainly never play this game. Grand Theft Auto has become the king of the Open-World Games and has defeated a similar game. Rockstar North has published a lot like the GTA series that many gamers even reviewing it on youtube. And on Friday I have the opportunity share one of the most beloved series that is GTA San Andreas, you want to play with us …?

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Description about GTA San Andreas

This Game tells the story of a young African-American man named Carl Johnson a.k.a CJ, the last 5 years has lived in Liberty City, which went by the death of his sister. But he had to return to his hometown, at the funeral of his mother. Of course, to meet is not the best: all of a sudden, his taxi was intercepted his “old friend” corrupt cops, and told him the good news: it turns out, the murder of a police hero hanged us, which, of course, did not die without them, a little talk heart to heart, then they took all the money, but in the end just threw himself in the middle of town, so even in the area of enemy gang, something terrible will happen …

Gta San Andreas

Of all of the GTA series, this version is one of the best addition to the series GTA 5. Don’t ever think that a game where shooting, killing, stealing cars and robbing, making out with a girl could also be interested. You can play it forever and will never be bored. You can fly by plane/helicopter, boat, or steal and sell cars or motorcycles, buy any weapon, fly on a parachute or jetpacks, do whatever your heart desires. The dynamic game is amazing in an interactive town of San Andreas.

Minimum Requirement:
Windows XP/7/8/10
512MB Ram
256MB bit VGA
Speaker and other


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